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UPB Products is a UK based manufacturer that has been producing classic Asian Snack Foods for the Retail, Wholesale and Foodservice markets in the UK and Europe for over thirty years.

Our aim is to give a modern and contemporary twist to authentic Asian Snack Food. From our dedicated and fully BRC accredited North West London factory, we create recipes from Asia and beyond to deliver an innovative range of snack food products: Cafe Asia – bringing to life the spirit and excitement of Asian Street Food.

Our products

An innovative range of frozen snack foods...

...inspired by the street kitchens of Asia and the Far East.

We do not compromise on taste or experience. Get in touch for more information!

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Quality assured:

We carefully source our ingredients and continually benchmark our food to ensure unique and delicious home-style snacks that meet our exacting standards. We take pride in what we do.


Authentic & Original Recipes:

Real herbs and spices, authentic handmade products, fresh ingredients, no artificial anything.



We constantly explore new ideas and food trends in our in-house New Product Development kitchen and with 30 years of experience we are confident in meeting our customers’ demands.