The best street food markets in Europe

December 12, 2014 11:00 am

While street food is now a booming business in Europe, with huge numbers of food trucks and stalls now springing up across the continent, street food markets solely dedicated to mobile food traders have taken longer to catch on. In the US, locations such as San Francisco are home to huge gatherings of street food vendors who convene to feed the hungry public on a regular basis: the SOMA StrEat Food Park and Off The Grid for instance. In Europe, such large-scale gatherings are less common but growing in popularity, both in the UK and beyond. If you’re looking for a European location where you can sample some of the area’s finest street eats all in one place, then our guide to the best street food markets in Europe should point you in the right direction...

London: the street food capital of the UK...

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8 Healthy Street Food Dishes That Will Blow Your Mind

December 10, 2014 11:30 am

Nothing defines a culture quite like its cuisine. From Asia to Africa, national food trends and, particularly, traditional street food, allow us an insight into a country’s history, influences and more. Truly a taste of the nation. Whether from a crowded market or a lone seller, buying food on the street is not only a great way to get to know somewhere, it can also be incredibly healthy. Think of a mobile vendor in the UK and it’s likely your mind will wander to greasy kebab vans, but there are plenty of countries that have mastered the art of good looking, great tasting and wholesome street food.

1. Steckerlfisch (Country of origin: Bavaria, Germany)

It may be a little high in salt but if you’re looking to add some healthy, oily fish to your diet then this Bavarian street food is ready to serve. Steckerlfisch is a usual choice...

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Everything you need to know about spring rolls but were too afraid to ask

December 3, 2014 11:30 am

Spring rolls are a simple, delicious appetiser or hors d'oeuvre. In Cantonese cuisine, these appetisers are known as dim sum—food prepared in small, bite-sized pieces, usually served from steaming trolleys in baskets or on small plates. How are spring rolls made? Take a sheet of thin, round dough (some flour, water and salt), wrap the fillings inside it, and deep fry it in oil until it turns crispy and golden. The fillings usually feature meat and vegetables such as chicken, duck, prawns, spring onions and carrots, but can vary from place to place.

Origins and etymology

The name 'spring roll' is a straightforward translation of the Chinese chūn juǎn. 'Spring' refers to the season, and the roll has its origins as a spring festival food. Starting some time before the Tang Dynasty (i.e earlier than 618 AD), thin pancakes known as 'spring dish' were made and sent...

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