The latest trends in wedding food

January 27, 2015 11:07 am

Wedding planning can be stressful—there are so many things to organise and coordinate. We strive for weddings to be perfectly tailored to the happy couple who are celebrating their big day, and food is one of the most important things on the agenda.

New trends in wedding food always reflect broader cultural trends, such as how we eat and where we get our food from. Here are some of the emerging fashions that will make tailoring the perfect wedding easier than ever.


One trend that has seen growing popularity recently is shopping for produce at farmers’ markets. This means buying fresh, organic food from local farms.

You can use the farmers’ market to source the ingredients for your wedding meal, and bring in a chef—a local expert—who knows how best to prepare it.

With the farm-to-table approach, it's not just about where you source your food, but also how you serve and...

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The most popular kebabs from around the world

January 23, 2015 10:55 am

While many here in the UK will associate the word “kebab” with late night nourishment, there’s more to the kebab than just the doner. It is believed that the first kebab was an invention of medieval Persian soldiers, but since then the kebab (literally translated as “fried meat”), has made its way around the world. Now taking a number of different forms and using a variety of different ingredients, here are some of our top kebab options from across the globe.

Turkish delights…

Late night revellers here in the UK will be familiar with the doner kebab - but the Turkish Döner kebab is in a whole other league. Translated as “turning kebab”, the Döner features good quality, lean lamb or chicken, which is cooked on a rotating spit until it is beautifully brown and crisp - a world away from the limp, pale and miserable offerings...

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The oldest snack foods in the world that we still eat today

January 16, 2015 2:05 pm

Tossing corn ears onto baking stones over a campfire; folding leftover bread dough to mimic hands in prayer; extracting the gooey sap of pink flowering wild plants to mix with honey and nuts. History has plenty of unusual stories about the origins of snack foods across times, peoples and geographies. Of course eating cultures tend to shift and adapt just as readily as the social landscape around them, and some of these stories have been accorded a mythical quality. All of the examples above, however, show that the oldest snack foods have survived these centuries of change and remained present in the modern kitchen.

Pop the question

Popcorn is perhaps the oldest of all. Archaeological sites in Peru and Mexico recently yielded 7,000 year old maize husks said to be evidence of popcorn preparation and consumption by ancient indigenous peoples. Dolores Piperno, a curator of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural...

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Airline Food: The Best Around The World!

January 13, 2015 12:00 pm

Comedians in the 90s made a living from mocking airline food, but how do their comments stack up today? Considering that a diner has opened in Amsterdam that offers the authentic airline meal experience in a converted warehouse safely on terra firma, we have to assume that there is something to like about the food you receive at 35,000 feet in the air. But which airlines offer the best, and is there anyone out there judging them?

Best in Show at the Fine Dining Award

Every year, food magazine Saveur runs a Best In-Flight Dining award to assess which airlines are offering the best food for their passengers. Judging is based on what’s available for First Class, Business and Economy customers, meaning that passengers of all levels can find out what they’re getting for their money. At the Economy end of the culinary spectrum, Singapore Airlines was...

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The most gobsmacking Asian food record breakers

January 8, 2015 1:53 pm

Food challenges seem to be a particular favourite among world record breakers. Who can eat the most, bake the biggest, withstand the worst? We've picked some of our favourites from the world of Asian cuisine.

World's largest bread dumpling

The world's largest 'super dumpling', sized at a gut-busting 1.2 metres long and 0.86 metres wide, weighs 79kg, about the same as a baby beluga whale. This record was broken in Baoding, China, in 2010. It was more than twice as heavy as the previous bread dumpling record holder from Trento, Italy, which weighed around 35kg. It was something of a hive dumpling—the larger dumpling containing 2,011 little dumplings, each of them a different flavour. The ingredients? Three bags of flour and 60g of dumpling filling.

As heavy as a baby beluga: the world's largest bread...

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The health benefits of Asian spices

January 5, 2015 12:30 pm

Ayurvedic medicine - an ancient Hindu practice said to have been handed down from the divine physician of the gods - prescribes spices in its treatments. It suggests specific spices for the alleviation of symptoms of conditions from indigestion to cancer, from morning sickness to diabetes. Ayurvedic medicine is still commonplace today and its practitioners still have full faith in the curing powers of carefully selected Asian spices, each with their own restorative characteristics and uses. You may like: 8 Healthy Street Food Dishes That Will Blow Your Mind Many of these pharmaceutical qualities have been tested and adopted by Western science. Plenty of medical institutes worldwide, inspired by the Ayurvedic methods, have begun to study the health benefits of Asian spices. The most interesting and enlightening body of work, however, often still comes from the home of the spices themselves. For...

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