How to host the perfect curry night at home

July 1, 2015 1:07 pm
How to host the perfect curry night at home

Indian food is famously a favourite takeaway and restaurant cuisine over here in the UK. But with so many options out there and all of those Indian cookbooks available, why not try a curry night at home? Here are some tips for hosting a great curry night.

Variety is the spice of life

The best thing about throwing an Indian banquet is that you can present various options and guests can pick and choose their own dishes. This is as true for your curries as your side dishes.

The first thing to remember is that not everyone likes spicy food – but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy curry. Everyone has a different tolerance for these things, so be sure to provide a range of options from mild to spicy, and super hot if you’re feeling brave!

A sauce determines how hot a curry is. Vindaloo dishes lie at the hotter end of the scale, while a creamy chicken korma is usually a little gentler on the tastebuds. Chicken tikka masala and chicken bhuna are good middle options.

Accounting for diets

Bear in mind that those who you are cooking for may have different dietary requirements. Try including some vegetarian options, such as dhal or dopiaza, in your menu.

If one of your guests has a cereal allergy which means they can’t eat rice, try cauliflower rice, which is also a great low carb option.

Always ask your guests upfront if they have any specific dietary requirements – it will save you from a lot of awkward moments later on.

Don’t skimp on the side dishes

Remember to pad your Indian feast out with plenty of rice, naans and poppadoms, all of which are great complements to the spicier curries. These can also be served with a variety of Indian chutneys and dips for a greater range of flavours and colours at your table.


Sumptuous sides: Samosas are the perfect accompaniment to a curry night (Image credit: ‘Samosa’ by Kalyan Kanuri on Flickr under a Creative Commons 2.0 license)

Sides like onion bhajis, samosas and Bombay potatoes will also go down well.

Keep it simple

Place all dishes in the middle of the table, banquet or buffet style, so guests can help themselves and decide how much or how little they want, as well as picking out which food they fancy.

The rule of thumb for any dinner party is not to attempt anything too complicated. Indian food, particularly curry, is a great option because it’s delicious but not too difficult to prepare.

On the whole, Indian food is a great option for a dinner night at home, simple to sort and with enough variety to keep everyone happy.

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Header image via Pixabay. Creative Commons CC0.