Indian food made simple

May 25, 2016 9:36 am

Walk into any supermarket and you’ll see a wealth of Indian dishes and ingredients - fresh and frozen ready meals and snacks, chutneys, breads, poppadoms and sauces. There’s no denying the popularity of Indian food in the UK - but how many of us actually cook our favourite dishes from scratch, at home? Many Indian recipes feature lengthy ingredient lists, requiring apparently every spice in the supermarket, which can be offputting for some - partly because of the expense, and partly because of the risk of never using said spices again, leaving them to languish at the back of the cupboard. The truth is, however, that not every Indian dish is complicated and ingredient-heavy: creating your own authentic Indian meals at home can be simple and affordable, using surprisingly few ingredients.

Curry in a hurry

While there are sixteen basic spices that make up a beginner’s Indian store cupboard, there...

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Unusual foods eaten in China

May 18, 2016 9:33 am

Exploring new places is all about absorbing the experiences and culture they have to offer, and for the majority of us that involves sampling the local cuisine. When you’ve been somewhere exotic, the crowning glory of your trip is often the craziest thing you’ve eaten. If you’re visiting China, you’ll be keen to try the classics - dim sum, spring rolls, chow mein - but what about the weird and wonderful options available? If you’re looking to really feed your culinary curiosity, China is a pretty safe bet, and you don’t have to go through a bush tucker trial with Ant and Dec to try one of these delicacies…

Thousand-year-old eggs

Also known as pidan, thousand-year-old eggs are duck, chicken or quail eggs preserved in clay and buried in the ground for several months. In that...

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Kids & korma: introducing little ones to Indian food

May 9, 2016 11:25 am

When you think of kids’ food, you might imagine bland meals like fish fingers and beans, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Some Indian food is perfect for younger palates. Not only is it flavoursome, but it’s often vegetable-packed – a sure fire way to get children to eat their five-a-day without even thinking about it. So, if we’ve whetted your appetite, here are our top tips for serving Indian cuisine to smiling faces.

Spiced not spicy

Indian food doesn’t need to equal tastebud-blowing heat. There’s a plethora of spices that just add flavour, such as fenugreek, garam masala (a key blend used in a multitude of Indian dishes), cumin and turmeric. Start off by getting the kids used to lightly flavoured curries like a chicken korma – they’ll love the creaminess from the...

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Frozen Asian food for…quality

May 5, 2016 9:30 am

If you have found yourself wandering down the frozen aisle of your local supermarket recently, you might have noticed a subtle change. No longer the sole domain of budget brands, the freezer cabinets now have something more sophisticated to offer: gourmet frozen food. In the past, frozen food has been dismissed by many as little more than junk food, but a combination of key trends in recent years has led to frozen food being looked at in a new light - and Asian food is leading the way.

Convenience for foodies

Consumers now tend toward convenience food - but not at the expense of quality. The millennial market demands a higher standard of ready meal, and is all too aware of the nutritional shortcomings of traditional offerings. Retailers are also responding to the more sophisticated palates of today’s consumer by striving to meet the demand for exotic, high...

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