Frozen Asian food for…quality

May 5, 2016 9:30 am

If you have found yourself wandering down the frozen aisle of your local supermarket recently, you might have noticed a subtle change. No longer the sole domain of budget brands, the freezer cabinets now have something more sophisticated to offer: gourmet frozen food. In the past, frozen food has been dismissed by many as little more than junk food, but a combination of key trends in recent years has led to frozen food being looked at in a new light – and Asian food is leading the way.

Convenience for foodies

Consumers now tend toward convenience food – but not at the expense of quality. The millennial market demands a higher standard of ready meal, and is all too aware of the nutritional shortcomings of traditional offerings. Retailers are also responding to the more sophisticated palates of today’s consumer by striving to meet the demand for exotic, high quality frozen food that can save on cooking time and trips to the supermarket.

Iceland, for example, has capitalised on the demand for more sophisticated offerings. Their stores across the UKnow stock speciality meats like ostrich, kangaroo and even crocodile alongside a broader selection of branded ready meals, including Cafe Asia’s frozen wraps.

Frozen food manufacturers are actively promoting the benefits of fast-freezing produce in retaining nutritional values – they argue that frozen is better than fresh. With Asian foods having naturally high nutritional value due to the use of authentic ingredients, fresh herbs and spices, they are particularly well suited to newer freezing techniques that lock in the goodness.

Clean and clear packaging

Highlighting health credentials on packaging is a key driver for the reinvigoration of the frozen foods category. Consumers are paying more attention to ingredients, daily allowances and portion size, and manufacturers are using this as an opportunity to make clear the nutritional benefits of their frozen product.

They are explaining how ingredients are carefully selected; how they are frozen within a few hours after being picked to retain their freshness, nutrients and flavours; and how improvements in freezing technology mean the quality is better than ever.

A fresh look at frozen

Both of these trends have led to a major opportunity for retailers. New product innovation, bringing new and exciting Asian food choices to the frozen food aisle, has led to a resurgence in market performance. The figures don’t lie – consumers are returning to the freezer aisles, their confidence boosted by canny marketing, celebrity endorsements and the emergence of quality brands. Freezing food can have huge benefits when it comes to quality – and that’s why we do what we do at Cafe Asia.

Cafe Asia’s frozen snacks are made with fresh ingredients, spices and herbs, harnessing the beautiful flavour of traditional Asian cuisine. For more information, get in touch today. And come say hello to us on Twitter too.


Image via Pixabay. Creative Commons CC0.